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Marzen Style Oktoberfest Lager

23 IBU | 5.2% ABV

Northwest IPA

70 IBU | 6.3% ABV

Black Ale

24 IBU | 5.5% ABV

Southern Irish Red Ale | 4.5%

21 IBU | 4.5% ABV

Munich Dunkel Lager | 5.6%

20 IBU | 5.6 % ABV

New Zealand Pilsner

German/American Fusion Lager

9 IBU | 3.6% ABV

Stout with Chocolate and Peanut Butter
(contains nuts)

50 IBU | 7% ABV

Strawberry Wheat Ale

19 IBU | 5.2% ABV

Wolpertinger Helles

16 IBU | 4.3% ABV

North German Wheat Beer

12 IBU | 5.2% ABV

London Porter Ale

40 IBU | 7% ABV

Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Ale

American Amber Ale

40 IBU | 5.7% ABV

If They Be Worthy... Viking Gruit Ale

Fizzy Fuzzy Big Not Buzzy

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Expedinture’s Irish Red Ale | 21 IBU | 4.5%

Southern Irish Red Ale

The Irish Red is brewed in a Southern Ireland style with traditional grains and a touch of honey. Our take features local wildflower honey for a sweet finish to a nice smooth beer.

Behind the Name:
This is our first award winning beer and has become a cornerstone of our brewery’s portfolio. Therefore, we decided to make it simple and name it after the brewery itself.

Fun Fact:
Domestication of bees is shown in Egyptian art from around 4,500 years ago.

Midnight Black Ale | 24 IBU | 5.5%

Black Ale

This beer doesn’t really fit into a single category as we have been told by BJPC judges repeatedly. “This is a great beer but it doesn’t fit this style guide.” Anyway, it has a dark roasted flavor with a very light and smooth body and is a dark beer you can enjoy year-round.

Behind the Name: This beer was actually one of the most difficult for us to name. We ended up taking inspiration from the color and style of the beer we give you our Midnight Black.

Fun Fact: This was the first beer we ever designed and have only made two adjustments to the recipe over the years.

Snug Harbor Amber Ale | 40 IBU | 5.7%

American Amber Ale

Snug Harbor Amber Ale is our CMO’s favorite beer. It is a pretty standard Amber Ale. A nice smooth beer with a little more body and caramel than an American Pale. This is a beer to be enjoyed year-round.

Behind the Name: This is a beer we love, named after a place we love. Snug Harbor was the name of our friend Doc Ted’s lake house at Lake Texoma. We had many great times there, sailing, fishing, eating good food, and drinking beer. Here’s hoping Doc Ted and Sally are looking down on us and joining us for a drink.

Fun Fact: Snug Harbor is a sailor’s term for a cozy and comfortable retreat.

Pandelerium Porter | 40 IBU | 7%

London Porter Ale

This traditional English Porter is our CFO’s favorite beer. It provides a nice roasted flavor with notes of chocolate with that old school finish from an English Porter.

Behind the Name: Our CFO had a former co-worker who described a workplace event as pandelerium. With our love of original words, we had to use it and thus you have Pandelerium Porter.

Fun Fact: Fact: In 1967, Porter Wagoner introduced singer Dolly Parton to the world on his popular television show and continued to collaborate with her throughout the 1960’s and 70’s.

Warrior Pilsner | 28 IBU | 4.9%

German Pilsner Lager

The Warrior Pilsner is a traditional Pilsner with our own unique selection of hops. It is brewed with Warrior Hops which contains a much higher alpha acid than typically utilized in Pilsner style beers. This hop addition makes a nice contrast to the noble hops used to finish the brew.

Behind the Name: Our hometown school mascot is a warrior. We couldn’t pass up naming this beer after the mascot and the hops.

Fun Fact: Okarche is a combination of the names Oklahoma and Arapaho-Cheyenne.

O-Town Lager | 9 IBU | 3.6%

German/American Fusion Lager

The O-Town Lager is an American Lager made to have a subtle flavor and easy finish. It is a beer we made to provide an easy drinking and refreshing beer made in a craft setting. This is a beer for all those who enjoy the traditional lager found in convenience stores.

Behind the Name: We named this beer after a nickname for Okarche.

Fun Fact:The American lager-style beer originated in Europe in the mid-19th century and moved to the US with German immigrants.

Rope and Arrow Golden Ale | 37 IBU | 5.2%

English Golden Ale

This traditional English Ale is a hop-forward, average-strength pale with a little bite at the end.

Behind the Name: We named this beer after a quiet pub we found in the suburbs of London OR It is named after some of our college shenanigans. We probably won’t tell either way.

Fun Fact: Historically, the term Ale referred to a drink brewed without hops.

Vorfahr Weizenbier | 12 IBU | 5.2%

North German Wheat Beer

Just a traditional take on a Northwestern German Wheat Beer. This beer is wheaty with notes of fruit and banana. It is a nice year-round wheat beer.

Behind the Name: Vorfahr means forefather in German and this is a beer we could imagine our German forefathers drinking back in the old country.

Fun Fact: References to wheat in brewing are known from the 15th to the 17th centuries in Germany, Austria and Bohemia.

Just One More Amarillo Pale Ale | 52 IBU | 5.8%

American Pale Ale

This American Pale Ale is hoppy but not too hoppy. It is brewed with Amarillo hops and dry hopped with Cascade to bring out the hoppy goodness. This is a straightforward Pale Ale for those who want a slightly hopped taste in a smooth beer.

Behind the Name: This is a beer we brewed thinking we might not really enjoy it. We were wrong! One night after a board of directors meeting, we proceeded to drink most of our experimental keg. Each round was accompanied by the phrase, “Just one more!” and a beer was born.

Fun Fact: American Pale Ales are credited with jumpstarting the craft beer movement.

Midday Hassle Mild Pale Ale | 37 IBU | 5.2%

American Pale Ale with just a little less hop

This is an American Pale Ale with a little less hop that a standard Pale Ale. It is a beer we created as a bridge from standard light beers to a Pale Ale providing and nice body and color with a slight increase in hoppiness.

Behind the Name: When some of us lived together in college, we had a friend called Kansas City Dave. One fine midday we were getting ready to head to class when Dave showed up in his green Jeep with some refreshments and talked us into, not only skipping class, but also into drinking copious amounts of beer. Thus, the Middy Hassel was born. Now we hope you have one of these beers and decide to midday hassle some of you friends.

Fun Fact: 87% of college students admit to skipping class more than 4 times a semester.

Pluto’s Still a Planet IPA | 70 IBU | 6.3%

Northwest IPA

This is an IPA brewed with Galaxy hops. It is brewed in the Northwest Pacific coast style and is light in color with a tropical citrusy finish.

Behind the Name: Frankly, the name choice should be obvious. It’s an IPA brewed with Galaxy hops and Pluto will always be a damn planet in our book.

Fun Fact: Galaxy hops come from Australia.

Mississippi or Colorado, Pilgrim? IPA | 73 IBU | 6.3%

Northeast IPA

This IPA is brewed with El Dorado hops in the New England style. It is tropical and fruity and invokes a bit of a candy aroma. It is a really nice IPA to be enjoyed anytime.

Behind the Name: We brew this beer with El Dorado hops which shares their name with a classic John Wayne film. In fact, El Dorado has a very similar plot to Rio Bravo going so far as both films feature characters named after states. We can never remember which character goes with which film so we figured we would cover our bases with then name and out of respect to the Duke, throw in his catch phrase to boot.

Fun Fact: El Dorado hops are best known for a sweet, candy-like aroma.

Going Broke American Wheat | 19 IBU | 4.9%

American Wheat Ale

Our version of an American Wheat. This beer is different from its German cousin. It has an American 2-Row grain base and is less fruit forward.

Behind the Name: Growing up in arm communities and working on our family farms we all know it takes “Just one good year” to get the farm back on track. Until that year comes, this beer is for all the hard- working farmers that are slowly going broke.

Fun Fact: Sadly, family farms are on the decline. Nationally, the number of farms fell 3.18 percent, from 2.1 million in 2012 to 2.04 million in 2017.

Apricot Ale | 32 IBU | 7.2%

American Ale brewed with Apricot

This is a traditional ale brewed with a mix of stone fruit hops to compliment the apricot added towards the end of the fermentation cycle.

Behind the Name: It is an ale made with apricot.

Fun Fact: Apricots are a member of the rose family.

Wild Thicket Sand Plum Ale | 40 IBU | 6.8%

American Ale brewed with Sand Plums

This is a traditional ale brewed with a mix of hops to accentuate the tart flavor of our had picked sand plums.

Behind the Name: Sand plums are found growing in wild thickets many ditches, fields, and riverbanks across Oklahoma. Most of us grew up picking sand plums and homemade sand Plum Jelly was a staple growing up. We wanted to take this fruit and taste of our childhoods and make a nice beer out of it.

Fun Fact:Sand plums, also known as Chickasaw plum, Cherokee plum, or Sandhill plum (Prunus angustifolia Marshall), are native fruit-producing shrubs or small trees in Oklahoma.

Okafi Ale | 40 IBU | 5.6%

American Blonde Ale brewed with light roast coffee

An ale brewed with Scars and Stripes Coffee; this beer has nice coffee notes with a smooth finish. It has a nice color and just a hint of caffeine for a little extra pep if you need it.

Behind the Name: As young men our C.F.O. and C.O.O. fascinated by crypto zoology and the promise of undiscovered species. While suggesting names for this beer, someone came up with Okaffe. This made us immediately think of the legendary Okapi and so we came up with the name.

Fun Fact: Okapi are good at hiding and were only discovered by Europeans in 1901, even though approximately 45, 000 animals lived in the wild at the time.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout | 50 IBU | 7%

Stout with Chocolate and Peanut Butter (contains nuts)

This is an English stout with notes of chocolate and a peanut butter smell and finish. This is a beer that is smooth and reminiscent of eating peanut butter straight from the jar. It is brewed with chocolate malt, cocoa nibs, and peanut butter. WARNING: This beer definitely contains peanuts.

Behind the Name: It is 100% a peanut butter stout.

Fun Fact: Peanuts are neither a Pea nor a Nut…discuss amongst yourselves.

Honey Apricot Weizenbier | 13 IBU | 6.1%

North German Wheat brewed with Honey and Apricot

Our Vorfahr, a traditional take on a Northwestern German Wheat Beer. A wheaty beer with notes of fruit and banana that we believe paired nicely with a mix of apricot and honey to provide the drinker a nice fest beer.

Behind the Name: It’s our Weizenbier made with apricot and a touch of honey.

Fun Fact: Munich has a Springfest which many say is more enjoyable than Oktoberfest.

Take Two of These and Call Me in the Morning Brown Ale | 13 IBU | 8.7%

Dutch Brown Ale

A Dutch Brown Ale, this beer is big on flavor and ABV. Perfect for drinking in the Fall, Winter, and Early Spring.

Behind the Name: Our friend Phil says all you need is two of these to help with a good night’s sleep.

Fun Fact: Physicians wrote an estimated 11 million prescriptions for alcohol per year through the 1920s (Prohibition)—a significant number, considering the country’s population at the dawn of the decade was just over 100 million.

Oktoberfest | 23 IBU | 5.2%

Marzen Style Oktoberfest Lager

This is a traditional Marzen style Oktoberfest. It is malty, sweet, and all around delicious and drinkable.

Behind the Name: It is what it is.

Fun Fact: The first Oktoberfest was held to honor the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe- Hildburghausen, in 1810. The wedding party ended with a horse party (whatever the hell that is).

Bayerischen Dunkel | 20 IBU | 5.6%

Munich Dunkel Lager

This is a traditional Munich\Bavarian style dunkel. This lager has a nice brown color and is great for drinking anytime.

Behind the Name: This beer reminds us of beers we had all over Bavaria/Bayern so we thought we would name it after the place we came to really enjoy this style of beer.

Fun Fact: Dunkel is the German word meaning dark, and dunkel beers typically range in color from amber to dark reddish brown.

Wolpertinger Helles | 16 IBU | 4.3%

Beer Type?

This is a traditional Munich\Bavarian style helles. This lager has a nice light color and is great for drinking anytime.

Behind the Name: This beer is named after a mythical creature from German folklore. The wolpertinger (also called wolperdinger or woiperdinger) is an animal said to inhabit the alpine forests of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

Fun Fact: The Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum in Munich, Germany features a permanent exhibit on the creature complete with taxidermized examples of the creatures and their conceptions.

Kloser to the Sun Kolsch | 22 IBU | 4.8%

American Kolsch

This is an American take on a classic Kolsch and one of the few beers we brew that does not follow the traditional style.

Behind the Name: During the summer of Y2K, Mig, Keith, and Mig’s brother Bill took a sweet Expedinture exploring Oklahoma. One of the stops was Mt. Scott near Lawton, OK. After reaching the asphalt covered summit and experiencing its sweltering heat, Keith jokingly posited that it was hotter on the great mountain because it was closer to the sun. A young bystander heard this comment and now, years later, somewhere in Oklahoma there may be a man who believes this is true. If you are out there, come by and drink a beer with us.

Fun Fact: Mount Scott is the second-highest mountain in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and was used for training artillery geodetic computers and Army Survey School cadets during WW II.

Tres Chiles Ale | 25 IBU | 7%

German Ale

This is a German ale brewed with a mix of three varieties of chile peppers to add a bit of heat on the finish.

Behind the Name: It is an ale made with three varieties of pepper.

Fun Fact: Scoville units, also known as SHU, are used to determine the spicy heat of peppers and is simply a measurement of the number of times capsaicin needs to be diluted by sugar-water.

Brewer’s Berry Choice

Rotating Fruit Beers

Typically, one of our lighter beers with a berry infusion of the brewer’s choice. It is a smooth, easy drinking beer with a subtle berry taste for a refreshing finish. Perfect for spring and summer sessions spent on the patio.

Behind the Name: Our brewers’ pick the berry/fruit they want to experiment with so this beer is literally based on their choice.

Fun Fact: Fruit has been used to flavor beer with thousands of years, but Lambic beers are widely acknowledged as the first commercially available fruited beers.

Expedinture’s Experimental Experience XXX

Rotating Experimental Beers from our Brew Master

This could be anything!

Behind the Name: Karl Hungus recommended we call this rotating selection XXX and you don’t pass up a name recommendation from Karl.

Fun Fact: In December of 2014, The Big Lebowski became one of 700 "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" films preserved for future generations through the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry.

Schvogtl Schmidt 27 IBU | 5.4%

Bohemian Dark Lager

A Bohemian/Czech rich, malty, dark lager. This beer is not as light bodied as our Midnight Black but not as heavy as our Pandalerium Porter or our Stouts. This is a middle of the road darker beer that is drinkable year-round. It is especially good sitting on our patio just after the sun has gone down.

Behind the Name: This is the kind of name for a beer that you get when four college friends decide they are going to open a brewery, but never get past the slightly Germanized name and some crude label artwork. Enjoy this delicious dark that was 25 years in the making, sort of.

Fun Fact: The Czech Republic consumes more beer per capita than any other country in the world and in Prague, beer is cheaper than bottled water. In fact, Czech beer has been brewed since (at least) 993 AD.

Meet Me at the Mission Mexican Lager 19.6 IBU | 5.1%

Mexican Lager

A clean, crisp, refreshing lager with little to no bitterness. The addition of flaked corn in the brewing process gives this beer a dry finish without much maltiness. We finished this over Tequila barrel wood for aging to create a nice ending to this fine brew.

Behind the Name: Roger Clyne and the Refreshments were way ahead of their time…simple as that!

Fun Fact: Roger Clyne said of Banditos, “…I just strung some chords together and wrote this tune pretty fast one morning over coffee, with a couple of my friends laughing at me. We were big Star Trek fans at the time, so Jean Luc Picard made his way in there. It was just about that simple - just kind of the compassionate bandito. The guy who really wouldn't hurt a fly."

Pour Some Zucker On Me 20 IBU | 5%

Brauner Zucker Bier

An interesting, gluten free beer brewed with brown sugar and hops. The recipe for this beer contains no grains and is brewed in a style like one brewed by the Pennsylvania Dutch. This is a brew that would have been made when grain crops were poor or grain was being purchased at prices too good to save any back for brewing.

Behind the Name: When you brew a beer with sugar, you know that it has to have a bad ass name and that got us thinking… “What’s more bad ass than eighties rock?” Sometimes naming these beers is just too easy.

Fun Fact: Def Leopard drummer Rick Allen lost his left arm in a car crash on 31st of December 1984. He soon realized that he could use his legs to play the drums and worked with Simmons to design a special custom-made electronic drum kit.

Spirit in the Sky Grisette 9.6 IBU | 4.3%

Traditional Grisette

Grisette beer was typically brewed in the mining regions on the French/Belgian border. It was designed to be a low alcohol, light bodied beer that the miners could drink at lunch and after a hard day. Our version is recreated from a historical recipe and is a nice easy drinking beer anyone can enjoy.

Behind the Name: This beer is named in honor of Kathleen Vogt. She was a proud supporter of Expedinture Brewery and mother of two of the owners, Mike and Tom Vogt. The song “Spirit in the Sky” was one of her favorites, and the one song she adamantly requested be played in her honor when she passed away. We’ll all be singing along with her while enjoying this easy drinking beer.

Fun Fact: The name grisette means "little grey one" and may come from the name of the local grey-colored stone or from the grey frocks worn by the women who served the beer in local pubs.

Gone Broke Strawberry Wheat
19 IBU | 5.2%

Strawberry Wheat Ale

This is our Going Broke Wheat Ale brewed with fresh strawberries and hulaberries. This is a light, fresh and fruity wheat for everyone.

Behind the Name: Obviously, we decided to brew with strawberries. When a wheat farmer makes that decision, you know he has gone broke!

Fun Fact: Strawberries are the only fruit with their seeds on the outside and average berry is adorned with some 200 of them.

Expedinture’s Historical Experience

Rotating Historical Beers from our Brew Master

As a historian, our Brewmaster likes to try his hand at historical beers and brewing techniques. This tap is an extension of that and will feature our rotating historical selections.

Behind the Name: Karl was less creative with this one.

Fun Fact: Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world. The ancient Egyptians first documented the brewing process on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 B.C.

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